Last update: 2007-07-24


Jasper's Phototools is a tiny app which provides several useful tools for photographers.

Till now, the program is in the early formation phase. I want to use this fact in order to get helpful feedback and suggestions for improvement from photographers and developers. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? What kind of tools do you need the most, which technique/workflow should be automated? What filters do you apply on your photos? I appreciate any kind of feedback!

Jasper's Phototools only works under Mac OS X and will not be released for Windows or Linux so far, unless a day becomes 48 hours.

ATTENTION: Do you already know Jasper's DRIMaker? It is a programm with which you are able to automatically produce DRI/HDR images.


This application is not yet complete... But I am working on this app every day in order to get rid of my to-do-list. So it is always worth checking this site for a new version of my app. Jasper's Phototools is not freeware, not a demo, but Donationware. If you like this app or even use it for your commercial stuff, i would appreciate any donation.
If you have any suggestions for improvement or just feel happy about my app please send me an eMail. I appreciate all input - especially felicitous DRIs :-)

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