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Jasper's DRIMaker is a tiny application with which you will be able to automatically produce DRI images. This application does not produce 32-bit HDR-images which will be changed to LDR via tone-mapping but uses the so called Exposure Blending in order to crossfade each image iteratively.
So in the end, the manual technique that people do in e.g. Photoshop, is simulated.
You will find more information about this kind of technique on this page. Everything you need is an exposure sequence in JPEG/TIFF format.

My aim in this implementation is to get the most natural results, as i think that for photographers the whole DRI thing is made to compensate the bad dynamic range of digital sensors. If the final image has a greater dynamic range than the human eyes could normally adapt to, you have gone much too far imho.


Version 1.4 for Snow Leopard is still in progress. So it is always worth checking this site for a new version of my app. Jasper's DRIMaker is not freeware, not a demo, but Donationware. If you like this app or even use it for your commercial stuff, i would appreciate any donation.
If you have any suggestions for improvement or just feel happy about my app please send me an eMail. I appreciate all input - especially felicitous DRIs :-)

DRIMaker runs only under Mac OS X (10.4 and later) und will not be ported for Windows or Linux so far. As my app does a lot of silly calculations you will be most happy with a G5 or faster Mac in order to enjoy the live preview of your DRI.

ATTENTION: You just made a great DRI with my software? I have a gallery on this page - there you will find your picture with the photographer's name, if you send it via eMail to me. Every great DRI image will be published there. (Please send with image dimensions of about 800px!)

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